A personal narrative about a dream of studying in college and playing in the womens national basketb

So we decided to compile an article with advice for foreign players.

A personal narrative about a dream of studying in college and playing in the womens national basketb

Basketball Background Basketball can make a true claim to being the only major sport that is an American invention. At the heart of the game is the playing space and the equipment.

The space is a rectangular, indoor court.

A personal narrative about a dream of studying in college and playing in the womens national basketb

The principal pieces of equipment are the two elevated baskets, one at each end in the long direction of the court, and the basketball itself. The ball is spherical in shape and is inflated.

Basket-balls range in size from For players below the high school level, a smaller ball is used, but the ball in men's games measures The covering of the ball is leather, rubber, composition, or synthetic, although leather covers only are dictated by rules for college play, unless the teams agree otherwise.

Orange is the regulation color. At all levels of play, the home team provides the ball. Inflation of the ball is based on the height of the ball's bounce.

Inside the covering or casing, a rubber bladder holds air. The ball must be inflated to a pressure sufficient to make it rebound to a height measured to the top of the ball of in 1. The factory must test the balls, and the air pressure that makes the ball legal in keeping with the bounce test is stamped on the ball.

During the intensity of high school and college tourneys and the professional playoffs, this inflated sphere commands considerable attention. History Basketball is one of few sports with a known date of birth. On December 1,in Springfield, Massachusetts, James Naismith hung two half-bushel peach baskets at the opposite ends of a gymnasium and out-lined 13 rules based on five principles to his students at the International Training School of the Young Men's Christian Association YMCAwhich later became Springfield College.

Naismith was a physical education teacher who was seeking a team sport with limited physical contact but a lot of running, jumping, shooting, and the hand-eye coordination required in handling a ball. The peach baskets he hung as goals gave the sport the name of basketball.

His students were excited about the game, and Christmas vacation gave them the chance to tell their friends and people at their local YMCAs about the game. The association leaders wrote to Naismith asking for copies of the rules, and they were published in the Triangle, the school newspaper, on January 15, Naismith's five basic principles center on the ball, which was described as "large, light, and handled with the hands.

The playing area was also open to all players, but there was to be no physical contact between players; the ball was the objective. To score, the ball had to be shot through a horizontal, elevated goal. The team with the most points at the end of an allotted time period wins.

Early in the history of basketball, the local YMCAs provided the gymnasiums, and membership in the organization grew rapidly.

The size of the local gym dictated the number of players; smaller gyms used five players on a side, and the larger gyms allowed seven to nine.

The team size became generally established as five inand, inthis was made formal in the rules. The YMCA lost interest in supporting the game because basketball players monopolized a gymnasium previously used by many more in a variety of activities. YMCA membership dropped, and basketball enthusiasts played in local halls.

This led to the building of basketball gymnasiums at schools and colleges and also to the formation of professional leagues. Although basketball was born in the United Statesfive of Naismith's original players were Canadians, and the game spread to Canada immediately. It was played in France by ; England in ; Australia, China, and India between and ; and Japan in From througha soccer ball was used to play basketball.

The first basketball was manufactured in Additional Tips For Foreign Basketball Players Seeking College Scholarships: These tips came from a comment Don left on this blog page about Getting a Basketball Scholarship. First and foremost, you have to get yourself in a position where US coaches can see you.

Whether that be on a national team playing in international competitions or coming over and playing in the US as a high school or Jr. College player. You could come as an exchange student or attend a residential student at a prep school, if you are of the high school age.

Breakthrough Basketball Blog: This blog has some great tips on how to. Personal Narrative- My Dream - Personal Narrative- My Dream I picture myself center stage in the most enormous and fantastically beautiful theater in the world.

Its walls and ceilings are covered in impeccable Victorian paintings of angels in the sky. Personal Narrative- Girls Basketball Game Preparation Basketball seems to get into your blood. It is said by those who play, "You eat, you sleep and you play basketball." When I was a little girl all I wanted to be was a professional basketball player.

National - Basketball; Recruiting. Chosen Football - College coaches won’t turn their back on a personal email from you, but they’ll pay more attention if they hear from your high.

He is an American whom most people referred to him As M.J as his short form name. As a role model Jordan has played in the national basketball association for the Chicago gulls and the Worthington wizards.

This has seen him become most effectively basketball player to be marketed in .

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