A pestle analysis of pharmaceutical industry

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A pestle analysis of pharmaceutical industry

Public Domain Pfizer Inc. Founded inPfizer is a well-known brand around the world.

A pestle analysis of pharmaceutical industry

Despite economic challenges in the United States, which is the biggest market for biopharmaceutical products, Pfizer Inc. However, the company experiences challenges linked to the expiration of some of its most valuable patents. This condition requires strategic action that exploits major opportunities in the market to ensure business growth and development.

A pestle analysis of pharmaceutical industry

The company must implement strategies to ensure long-term growth despite major changes in its patent portfolio. However, the firm must use its strengths along with proactive steps to overcome market risks and industry risks. Pfizer needs to develop competencies that protect its business against such risks.

Strategies to build competitive advantages are needed, considering the adverse effects of changes in the market. Lyrica — treatment for epilepsy, neuralgia, neuropathy and fibromalgia Prevnar — vaccine to prevent pneumococcal infection Celebrex — treatment for arthritis and joint pain Lipitor — reduces LDL cholesterol levels Enbrel — treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and spondylitis Viagra — treatment for erectile dysfunction Pfizer has many other products that perform profitably, especially products that initially have no direct competitors in the market.

The company benefits from patented drugs to dominate target market segments. However, as the pharmaceutical industry is dynamic, the company experiences changes in its business competencies.

Some of these patents have already expired in The market situation for the drug is expected to change as more firms are likely to produce drugs with the same active ingredient, competing based on price.

These statistics indicate that the business is growing, in spite of challenges in the industry. For example, even during economic crises, the company keeps its business profitable by virtue of its international presence. Emerging markets and various developed markets support the business when economic crises affect other areas.

Pfizer has leading market shares in a number of segments. Inthe firm had a This brand is known worldwide for innovative pharmaceutical products.

This organizational size enables economies of scale and research and development capabilities. The company is also strong because of the uniqueness of many of its products, which have patent protection. Moreover, Pfizer acquired Wyeth in The acquisition made the company an even more powerful player in the global pharmaceutical industry.

These expirations could make the company weaker because competitors could then produce copies of such products. These lawsuits could lead to financial losses. Nonetheless, when considering its strengths, the corporation has the competencies to counteract such risks and mitigate their effects on the business.

While there is no single best solution to these risks and the problems they impose on the company, the following are appropriate recommendations for Pfizer Inc.: For example, the company can enter into agreements with more major distributors and sellers in emerging markets to strengthen its presence worldwide.

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Untitled Prezi. PESTEL Analysis for Pharmaceutical Industry. Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the substantial parts of the world economy.

Pharmaceutical industry helps develop, produces and markets drugs approved for use as medications to . ABSTRACT: Co-crystals consists of API and a stoichiometric amount of a pharmaceutically acceptable co-crystal ph-vs.comceutical Co-crystals are nonionic supramolecular complexes and can be used to address physical property issues such as solubility, stability and bioavailability in pharmaceutical development without changing the chemical composition of the API.

1. P.E.S.T. Analysis Pharmaceutical Industry By: Nitin Mohan Gupta FYBMS – A/30 Mithibai College Introduction in the future. The total Indian production constitutes about 1. it fulfilled the goal of providing quality drugs to the public at reasonable rates. bn in through the process of . The main reason that AstraZeneca topped the Pharmaceutical Innovation Index in from the 15th position was the launch of five new significant medicines in primarily across their therapy areas which are no mean feat for a company in the industry.

The pharmaceutical industry not only develops but also produces and markets drugs licensed for use as medications. Pharmaceutical companies’ deals in generic and brand medications. They are subject to a variety of laws and regulations regarding the patenting, testing and marketing of drugs.

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