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I painted my own reality. I paint what ever passes through my head without any other consideration.

Bio sketch

Augustine Aurelius Augustinus was one of the greatest theologians of Western Christianity. In his day the Mediterranean world consisted of an Eastern, Greek-speaking half and a Western, Latin-speaking half, with different ways of looking at things, and different habits of thought. He was born 13 November in North Africa, about 45 miles south of the Mediterranean, in the town of Tagaste modern Souk-Ahras in Numidia, in what is now Algeria, but near ancient Carthage modern Tunis.

His mother, Monnicawas a Christian, and his father for many years a pagan although he became a Christian before his death. His mother undertook to bring him up as a Christian, and on one level he always found something attractive about Christ, but in the short run he was more interested in the Bio sketch of sex, fame, and pride in his own cleverness.

After a moderate amount of running around as a teen-ager, he took a mistress, who bore him a son when he was about eighteen. Theirs was a long-term Bio sketch, apparently with faithfulness on both sides, and the modern reader is left wondering why he did not simply marry the girl.

He never tells us this and in fact never tells us her nameso that we can only guess.

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It seems likely that she was a freedwoman, and that the laws forbade marriage between a free-born Roman citizen and a slave, or an ex-slave. When he was 19 and a student at Carthage, he read a treatise by Cicero that opened his eyes to the delights of philosophy.

Bio sketch

He was from the beginning a brilliant student, with an eager intellectual curiousity, but he never mastered Greek -- he tells us that his first Greek teacher was a brutal man who constantly beat his students, and Augustine rebelled and refused to study.

By the time he realized that he really needed to know Greek, it was too late; and although he acquired a smattering of the language, he was never really at home in it. However, his mastery of Latin was another matter.

He became an expert both in the eloquent use of the language and in the use of clever arguments to make his points. He became a teacher of rhetoric in Carthage, but was dissatisfied. It was the custom for students to pay their fees to the professor on the last day of the term, and many students attended faithfully all term, and then did not pay.

In his late twenties, Augustine decided to leave Africa and seek his fortune in Rome. For a long time Augustine was attracted by the teachings of Manicheeism, named for Mani, a Persian who had preached an alternate form of Zoroastrianism, the dominant religion of Persia. Zoroaster had taught the existence of a power of light, God, the supreme Creator, and of a dark and evil power that opposed him.

On the Zoroastrian Parsi view, the dark power was a rebel against his creator, and doomed to ultimate defeat. Mani, on the other hand, was a thoroughgoing dualist, who taught that there are two gods of equal power and eternity, and that the universe is the scene of an unending battle between light and darkness, good and evil, knowledge and ignorance, soul and body, etc.

The Manichees as they moved west into the Roman Empire adopted many traits of what is generically called Gnosticism. In particular, they advertised themselves as being not an alternative to Christianity but as the advanced version of Christianity, as the faith for the spiritually mature, the intellectually gifted.Our professionals will provide you with the bio sketch examples.

Learn their tricks and tips to improve your own biosketch. Brief Bio-Sketch Brief Vitae Vitae In News Models Development Articles: Bio-Sketch (In PDF Format file) Brief Vitae ( Format file) Detailed Vitae. Dr. Sean McCarthy has been involved in all aspects of European Research since He has been active as a researcher, research manager, research group leader, and company director.

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Just describe the person and write what main accomplishments.

Bio sketch

A new biosketch attachment is only allowed post-submission if it is related to a change in senior/key personnel due to the hiring, replacement or loss of an investigator. When allowed, the new format must be used on/after May 25,

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