Chauffeur business plan

We have never had any issues and have only words of praise for your service.

Chauffeur business plan

PATS provides limousine like service without the typical high limousine price. Premier Airport Transportation is lead by Sam Brougham, a transportation industry veteran. PATS has forecasted healthy sales by year three. The Market and Services Offered Cleveland currently has four limousine service providers and four taxi services.

In addition to these transportation options, Cleveland also has short and long-term airport parking and a rapid transit public train system providing airport service. Premier Airport Transportation Service will span the gap between the mediocre taxi service and the high-priced limousine service.

chauffeur business plan

By having a middle price point, PATS will be especially attractive to both families and business travelers. The service will appeal to families as a reasonable and convenient alternative to them driving and parking at the airport.

These two market segments are growing on average at 8. This will ensure that the best customer service will be offered at every level and interaction with the company.

chauffeur business plan

Sam began his transportation career as a taxi driver, a source of income to put Sam through school. After school, Sam worked at the Yellow Freight Company, initially in the logistics department.

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The logistics experience will provide Premier with hyper-efficient operations and the customer service experience will support their competitive edge. To develop a sustainable transportation company serving the Cleveland Metropolitan Area 1. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall in to place.

Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers. PATS will offer their service 24 hours a day to most neighborhoods in Cleveland. PATS will be priced less than a limousine service but more than a group shuttle service.

Sam Brougham will be working full time as the dispatcher and back office person. Sam will have four employees.


The office equipment will be the largest chunk of the start-up expenses. This equipment includes a computer system, fax machine, office supplies.

A DSL line will need to be set up as well. PATS will also need some Nextel phones. The advantage of the Nextel phones is it allows two way communication from the base to the cars over cellular frequencies but at a drastically reduced rate.If you hold yourself to high standards and can provide exemplary customer service, running your own chauffeur business could prove quite lucrative.

Start-up costs are high, however, so it's important to begin by drafting a business plan. Listen to episodes of Amos and Andy for free. Part of our over 12, show library of old time radio.

Business Plan The Driver Business Overview Our chauffeur service shall be available to anyone who requires to be taken from point A to point B within a twenty-mile radius of downtown Nashville. Our service especially targets college-aged men and women and young professionals who prefer to consume alcohol with the promise of a safe ride home. Jan 19,  · Ensure that you have a business plan and that you follow it. The car is the big one. Most finance comapnies will not finance you due to the nature of your business, (they consider chaffauer services the same risk as taxi companies). Surely, there can’t be that much to this chauffeuring lark, I hear you say. Simply purchase a two year-old E-Class, get the geeky kid next door to knock you up a website, put a couple of cards up in the local newsagent’s window and wait for the work to come rolling in!

The Third Transportation Revolution Lyft’s Vision for the Next Ten Years and Beyond Introduction: A Country Built for Cars. I remember when I first fell in love with cars. Happy Thanksgiving ! Mike Ryan, Siobhán, and all the team at Executive Tours Ireland would like to wish you & yours a happy & peaceful Thanksgiving.

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Click here to view this full business plan. Airport Taxi Business Plan Executive Summary. Premier Airport Transportation Service (PATS) is a Cleveland-based airport transportation service. PATS provides limousine like service without the typical high limousine price.

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