How to write a 15 second radio ad for stone

Better still, there are several great, booming online radio options like Pandora and Spotify, with highly segmented audiences that you can target. Looks like video did NOT kill the radio star. But what are the essentials to a great audio-only ad? How do you convey the right message?

How to write a 15 second radio ad for stone

What could possibly go wrong? Well, let me tell you a secret about radio ads: The reason they fail is that they do not follow the proven methods and strategies that get customers to convert. But not to worry: Answer these questions before building your ad and launching your campaign: What are your goals with this ad campaign?

First and foremost, what is the ultimate goal of the campaign? Is this a seasonal ad to get customers to buy during the holidays? Is this a branding campaign meant to stick to the mind of your target audience? Why should the listener pay attention to you? You have a goal — compel the customer to make a purchase — so what is the call to action?

The best ads appeal to the inner drive of the target audience. This is a clear example of what NOT to do when advertising on online radio. The goal of an advertisement is to compel the listener to do something right now.

What kind of ladder needs do your customers have? Instead of asking them to imagine what needs they have, tell them what needs they have.

Ladders are ladders, and a second or second online radio spot is no time to start listing out features. Studies show that people tune out after the second feature in a list.

how to write a 15 second radio ad for stone

Instead of listing out your features, talk about the value that your product will bring to your customers. This is an important exercise in what your customers need to hear vs what you want to say. The next step is to fully understand your target demographic.

In radio speak, you need to find your P1 primary listener.

How to Make a Commercial for Radio: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

These are the questions you should answer: Where do your customers work? Where do your customers live? What stations do your customers listen to?

NPR, business radio stations 3. Understand how people listen People listen to online radio while commuting to work, cooking, driving, or working out at the gym. Music radio is generally a distracted listening channel; Podcast radio is generally an active listening channel.

Direct Response Radio: 15 Tips for Writing Ads that Work

Be human, be direct, and be honest. If you can, tell a story. Example of an honest company that produced sales through a radio ad: An air conditioning repair company ran a radio ad with a heavy promotion that was very successful:How To Write Second Radio Commercials By Finding The Boiling Point and Overcoming The Curse of Uniqueness by Dan O’Day 1-Hour, Minute Audio Seminar; Instant Download!

orld Premiere! second radio commercials are becoming more and more common. Like 'em, hate 'em — it doesn't matter. O’Day has taught radio . The latest darling of the television advertising world is the second ad.

Sometimes, these commercials are merely shortened versions of full-length second ads, but more of them are being made. Our library of 30 second radio commercial scripts examples is the perfect resource for your station.

Get unlimited access to thousands of radio scripts now. Our library of 30 second radio commercial scripts examples is the perfect resource for your station.

Get unlimited access to thousands of radio scripts now. SUPPORT: Sep 04,  · Keep 15 second ads simple. When writing a 15 second radio ad, you only have enough time to share basic information about the product or service.

If your target audience is already aware of the product or service, this is an ideal and effective ad length%(). In the sample radio ad, the listener’s problem is wanting a computer but not having the money or credit to get one.

The solution is getting a new computer for a low price and without a credit check.

Keeping Attention

Not all radio ads are problem-solution. If you’re writing an ad for a retail store sale, for example, you simply have to announce the sale. Second, you must have (or be) a client who lets the writer write.

If you want to do it yourself, don't hire a writer. If you do hire a writer, make sure you have one good enough to take the ball and run with it.

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