How to write a design brief ib

Design basics Like any creative effort, a successful design project involves many different people with different talents coming together.

How to write a design brief ib

We discuss how the problem relates to the area of learning, the short-term and long-term effects, who or what is affected by the problem, and how others are trying to solve this problem.

Students in year 10 and above should be able to identify a problem by themselves. Design Brief — Before giving the design brief to students, have them brainstorm possible solutions for the problem. Have the class discuss the pros and cons of each solution. Research — Collecting information from multiple sources is not always that easy, but has to be encouraged.

Students tend to accept information on the internet as being valid and rarely back it up with alternative sources.

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The design specification could include the following: Rubric for Appropriate Testing of Possible Products — Based on the design specification, students create a rubric by which they assess the range of possible solutions against the design specification. Rough Ideas — Here I ask students to simply put their ideas on paper.

During the investigation stage, students formed images of possible solutions. Neat Designs — I require students to produce a minimum of three possible solutions.

Objectives and goals

Each design should be a neat presentation of the possible solution and should include a product name, labels and descriptions, color or shading techniques. Designs Evaluated against the Design Specification with Rubric - By carefully assessing each possible solution against the design specification, students should find a winning product that complies with the list of rules set in the design specification.

Students who find solutions with similar results could ask for the opinion of classmates. Sometimes a different perspective is needed for an authentic result.

Justification of Choice — When a winning design has been decided on, the student needs to justify their choice by referring to the design specification.

IB Design Technology Objectives

I ask students to write an essay-style reflection on how the winning solution complies with each criterion in the design specification. Modifications to Final Design — Sometimes not all criteria in the design specification are successfully met. The student needs to modify the design so that it complies with each criterion.

Orthographic Scale Drawing — A scale drawing showing the front, top and side view of the product is essential as it allows the student to view the product in scale, produce measurements of materials needed, and successfully plan for production.

Production Plan — A step-by-step guide for production of the solution which includes materials and resources needed for each lesson. Create — The student follows the plan closely and modifies the design or plan where necessary.

A product of appropriate quality is produced through the competent use of a variety of tools. The student should use appropriate techniques to finish the product.

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Production Diary and Evaluations — Throughout the production stage, the student should keep a diary which includes all problems faced and how these were addressed.

Self Evaluation — The student tests the success of the product by referring to the design specification. When evaluating the product, emphasis should be placed on the impact of the product on the environment, societies, cultures, and life.

The student should also evaluate themselves at each stage in the design cycle and suggest an improvement plan for weak areas. Since the learner profile attributes are essential for developing international-minded students, have them reflect on the attributes they displayed throughout the design cycle.

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Design students often find it hard to understand what is a design brief. I think that books like Peter L. Philips' are useful but I've seen students even more . Shes angry essay ib extended sample because there was the role of general education.

how to write a design brief ib

Next is the main points in order. @HumanitiesNe engages the next generation of readers using @LA_Humanities 's Prime Time Family Reading Time. The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is a rigorous, academically challenging and balanced programme of education designed to prepare students aged 16 to 19 for success at university and life beyond.

Design students often find it hard to understand what is a design brief. I think that books like Peter L.

how to write a design brief ib

Philips' are useful but I've seen students even more lost after reading them. Write a design brief containing all of the key information to help focus on the solution. Brainstorm Possible Solutions Sketch or list as many ideas as you can, focusing on the details in your design brief.

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