Panama canal expansion project

This may open up opportunities for East Coast ports to take in some of the increased west-to-east container traffic flowing through the Canal. The expansion project is the largest project at the Panama Canal since it was opened in The inaugural trip through the new locks will be June

Panama canal expansion project

Panama Canal megaproject flows with Aconex Project name: The expansion project team comprises leading international contractors and consultants, including CH2M Hill as program manager and a design team and construction consortium including organizations from Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Argentina, the U.

Panama canal expansion project

Challenges Globally dispersed project team exchanging tens of thousands of documents and correspondence items each month. Compliance requirements of stakeholders; collaboration requirements of participants. High risk of delays and disputes due to project scale and complexity.

Need for integration of project information management system with enterprise applications. Solutions Neutral, cloud-based collaboration platform that provides secure data access to all project team members.

Access, distribution and tracking of all documents and correspondence in real time, regardless of location. Multi-language access and support for speakers of Spanish, English and other languages.

Unlimited training and support at the local level for all participants.

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Results Broad adoption and usage throughout the project team. Project-wide assurance that information is accessible, accurate and secure. Reduced printing and distribution costs for drawings and documents. High scalability and flexibility to support internal records management protocols of project participants.The expansion project is the largest project at the Panama Canal since it was opened in It creates a new lane of traffic through the construction of a new set of .

Panama Canal expansion project Why is the Panama Canal expansion significant? What will be the impact of larger vessels being able to transit the Canal?

The Panama Canal’s $bn expansion increases the maximum vessel capacity and enlarges the overall volume of transported freight. Jul 11,  · By , the Panama Canal Authority (known by its Spanish acronym ACP) is hoping the project will bring in US$ billion per year in revenue on top of what it was making before the expansion.

The Panama Canal Expansion is the largest enhancement project since the Canal's opening in Considered and analyzed for a decade with more than studies, the Expanded Canal provides the world's shippers, retailers, manufacturers and consumers with greater shipping options, better maritime service, enhanced logistics and supply-chain reliability.

Aug 23,  · Watch video · A wonder of modern engineering and design, 13, to 14, vessels pass through the Panama Canal each year. An extensive construction project has seen the canal undergo a significant expansion Author: Anmar Frangoul.

The project will allow for ships of 2 1/2 times the size of current restrictions to pass through the canal, loosening a long standing bottleneck on international commerce. It is an immense effort.

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