Speakwrite application form

If you want a job that lets you work from home at your own speed, without having to go through a lot of training, then perhaps you should consider online transcription. Doing freelance transcription whether medical, legal, radiology, general, entry level, or otherwise is something you can start straight away, but will get better with practice.

Speakwrite application form

Here are 5 Data Entry Clerk Trascriptionist links that are hiring people to work at home. Every company is different and may change their pay several times a year depending on need.

speakwrite application form

Some require experience and some hire anyone, just to accomplish this task. Data entry is defined as: It will slow you down if you have to re-listen or go look up a word to spell it correctly. There are entrance tests to pass. Typing speed, spelling skills and so forth.

You can work full or part-time for any of these companies. This one is so good there is a waiting list to get on.

Top freelance transcription jobs

Sign up for others and when these guys get around to you, you can test them and see if they are better and you make more money. They are tight-lipped about how much they pay, so it must be good!

You must have a Facebook or Gmail account to start the application. All assignments are English to English transcription.

We would prefer someone familiar with ftp file downloads and Express Scribe. You must also have an excellent grasp of grammar and punctuation rules. This is a virtual position. Must be able to take at least 4 hours of sound a week.

Files are 60 minutes or longer. I added Scribie because they have a good reputation and sounds great on what they offer. Transcribe 6 minutes of audio at a time. So you can do it even if you only have 15 minutes to spare here and there.

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They were having trouble with their signup system when I wrote this article so hopefully they work when you try.If you have at least two years of past transcription experience (particularly with legal transcription jobs), you may be able to get a job at ph-vs.com is a reputable company that is almost always hiring for legal transcribers.

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Jan 13,  · In this SpeakWrite review, I’ll cover the requirements, application, pay, schedule, and if it’s a scam. SpeakWrite Transcription Requirements To apply as a transcriber, you’ll need to live in the US or Canada and be fluent in English.3/5. Want to make extra cash taking surveys?

Join 6 million members who have made money taking easy and quick surveys on Survey ph-vs.com pay in cash instantly via PayPal and they have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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speakwrite application form
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