The future status of english as

Second Language or Foreign Language By: S M Mehdi Hasan Mother tongue or first language is perhaps the most favorite thing for any person. The question of language has resulted into many conflicts and discontentment. The prime example of such discontentment is the Language Movement of in Bangladesh.

The future status of english as

Ulrich Ammon found that German is surprisingly popular with language learners all over the world. Professor Ammon found that German is only ranked tenth globally in terms of native speakers, of which there are around million, but is ranked fourth in terms of non-native speakers who have learnt the language.

The only larger languages in terms of learners are English, French and Mandarin, he told Deutsch Welle. More English words sneak into French.

The future status of english as

But Germany's recent role in the Eurozone crisis has also contributed to German's attractiveness. Viola Noll, a spokesperson for Goethe Institute, said that the Eurozone crisis had led to a boom in southern Europeans wanting to learn German, mainly Spaniards, Italians and Greeks.

It is taught in schools in countries around the world. Mark Twain famously said that German was too hard to learn in one lifetime, but Professor Ammon thinks the difficulties in German are exaggerated.

Currently more people are learning German than Spanish, despite the enormous number of Spanish native speakers around the world.

Professor Ammon can see this continuing in the future: What people associate with German Another element of Professor Ammon's study is the associations that non-German speakers make with the language. For example, businesses in non-German speaking countries sometimes use German in branding or marketing to seem more official, professional, or successful.

Eight celebrities you didn't know spoke German "It is clear that people who have learnt a foreign language more often than not have a positive attitude towards that country.

For international relations that is really important" he added. But most people generally aren't aware of how popular their language is and of the advantages this brings, such as easier global communication which is better for international business, he told The Local.

Head of the culture department of the foreign office in the s, Bethold C. Despite German's healthy standing, Professor Ammon still believes that more can be done. He would like to see more use of German in public, particularly on the European political scene where English and French dominate, as well as grants for foreign students to learn German, but acknowledged that funding will always be an issue.

When asked if German was held back by the fact that Germans tend to have a good level of English, Professor Ammon suggested that his countrymen are prouder of their ability to speak foreign languages than of their own language. He put this down to Germany's "broken national identity", which means they aren't as proud of their language as other nations such as the French.

Top 10 reasons to learn German He gave the example of a group of English children who visited a school in the Rhineland. They took part in the exchange to improve their German, but to the German head teacher's delight, the two groups communicated with each other in English.

He highlighted this as an area where Germans could actually promote their mother tongue. Instead of showing off their own language skills, they should realise when others want to learn German and embrace it.

He also added that:The future of Spanish-speaking America is under threat By Annalisa Nash Fernandez September 1, To the average observer, it may seem as if the Spanish language is secure in the US.

English has special national status in India. It has a special place in the parliament, judiciary, broadcasting, journalism, and in the education system.

One can see a Hindi-speaking teacher giving their students instructions during an educational tour about where to meet and when their bus would leave, but all in English. The Future Status of English as a Global Language─Now is No Forever!

As an English major and a bilingual person, it’s hard to jump out of the box and deny the deep, great, far-reaching influence and outspread of English. necessary language skills for the future, partly because of the status of English as the language of international communications.

The future status of english as

This report seeks to provide a strategic analysis of the UK’s long-term language needs, looking at a variety of economic, geopolitical, cultural and educational indicators and scoring different languages against these.

The future status of English as the global language is assured Wherever we go and turn around we are exposed to English language. No matter how hard you try not to use Englsih words in your mother tongue, inevitably you will.

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