Vaccines safe essay

Paralysis and myelitis including transverse myelitis Peripheral neuropathy Pneumonia and lower respiratory infections Skin and tissue disorders including eczema Sudden infant death syndrome SIDS Tinnitus ringing in the ears Vaccine-strain versions of chicken pox, measles, mumps, polio, influenza, meningitis, yellow fever, and pertussis Vasculitis inflammation of blood vessels You can find more adverse reactions reported on the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System VAERS database. Vaccines are known to be problematic for a segment of the population with a specific mitochondrial genetic mutation which may affect up to 4, babies a year. Some of those with a particular form of this dysfunction are unable to detoxify the poisons such as aluminum or mercury that are in the vaccine.

Vaccines safe essay

Grade My Paper for Free It is rather difficult to objectively determine what influenced the decrease in the number of deaths—the invention of antibiotics in the s, the improvement of sanitation and healthcare standards, or the introduction of certain vaccines.

Those opposing mandatory vaccination choose to believe that it was the first two factors rather than the third one.

There are facts to support both versions. For example, death rates from the pertussis whooping cough declined from 12, deaths per year in to less than 1, deaths per year in —12 times less. But as the pertussis vaccine was not widespread until late s, we can logically assume it obviously was not the vaccine that influenced the mentioned decrease.

At the same time, since the vaccine was introduced and popularized, the number of deaths decreased to less than 50 per year, which means the vaccine does help prevent pertussis-caused deaths all the same.

Another important statement that both sides have each provided solid argumentation in favor of and against is whether a parent should be the one deciding to vaccinate children.

After all, it is the freedom of choice of every parent to decide how their child should be treated medically and also to refuse to vaccinate their children if they believe it is too dangerous for them.

There has recently been controversies about the deaths caused by low-quality vaccines or improper vaccination processes, as well as the spread of many allergies and chronic predispositions to certain medication as a result of individual body response to vaccination.

At the same time, those parents who do decide to take a risk and vaccinate their children have to still be alerted that they face the same risks of their children getting infected simply because another child in the kindergarten group, or at school, may not have been vaccinated against the same disease and there is always a risk of their kid getting infected.

Here is the argument of whether those children, whose parents decided not to vaccinate them, should be allowed in the same educational institutions that the vaccinated children attend. But this can also be objected to by saying that it is plain discrimination to refuse children their education, to which they have every right, because their parents are cautious vaccinations.

Where does the solution lie then? In light of all the arguments presented above, I believe it is important to unify certain rules related to vaccination and not make it the prerogative of a particular public or private school to decide whether or not to accept an unvaccinated child.

The issue of vaccination is of primary importance due to its direct impact on the quality and duration of the life of every citizen; exposing anybody to unjustified risk of being infected by vaccine-preventable diseases is inhumane.

Since it has been around for so long and has been so widespread, I believe it is sound to consider it as an effective medical prevention method.

Fact or Fiction?: Vaccines Are Dangerous - Scientific American

Vaccination today is used all around the world, and there are certain standards that must be observed so that all vaccines remain effective and pose minimum risk. After all, when it comes to health, there is no place for speculation. Why Obligatory Vaccination is Key Yale University School of Public Health.

Prevention for the Sake of Prevention The New York Witness.

Persuasive Essay: Should Vaccination of All Children Be Made Mandatory by Law?

Stern AM, Markel H. The History of Vaccines and Immunization: Familiar Patterns, New Challenges.Orna Izakson explains the risks and benefits of being vaccinated in an article of Your Health.

She answers questions that some parents have today regarding vaccines being safe and what health problems they may cause in children. The Dangers Of Vaccines and Vaccination.

Vaccines safe essay

Vaccination is a medical treatment administered to an otherwise healthy individual. Virtually all other invasive medical interventions occur . Should Vaccination of All Children Be Made Mandatory by Law? Ever since the invention of the first smallpox vaccine more than two centuries ago, there has been plenty of controversy over the morality, ethics, effectiveness, and safety of vaccination and immunization.

Essay Vaccine Or Not Vaccine Children. Vaccine or to Not Vaccine Children A vaccine is “a substance that is usually injected into a person or animal to protect against a particular disease” (Merriam-Webster, , pg1). The practice of vaccination goes as far back as the ’s (The History of Vaccines, a).

MMR vaccine MMR is a safe and effective combined vaccine that protects against three separate illnesses - measles, mumps and rubella (German measles) - in a single injection. The full course of MMR vaccination requires two doses. The Dangers Of Vaccines and Vaccination.

Vaccination is a medical treatment administered to an otherwise healthy individual. Virtually all other invasive medical interventions occur .

Vaccination is widely considered one of civilization’s greatest modern medical achievements